Owen & Pixie

Owen before Matty:

Lab mix, approx. 7 yrs old. Got him from rescue agency, they got him from the shelter. He lived with the rescue agency 2 weeks, and in the shelter over 45 days; no history before that. We got him when he was approx. 1 year old; have had him 6 years.
  • Was so out of control on walks, it hurt my back to walk him. Pulled very hard, and lunged so much that my back and knees often got hurt.
  • On the walks, he lunged at other dogs / cats. It got so bad that he saw a dog across the street, and lunged into the street and almost got hit by a car. I barely held onto him, dropped to the ground, and he flung into the street. Car barely missed him. It was the next day I called Matty…
  • He was honestly terrified to take a walk. He would scream, and spend the whole time just running around us, in fear.
  • He attacked TV. He once smashed his front leg into the TV stand, and sustained a minor fracture.
  • He attacked the vacuum cleaner, to the point we had to lock him in his carrier whenever we would vacuum.
  • He was aggressive to some people at the park; including some children, and 2 very nice older gentlemen. It got so bad we would avoid the park if either of the men were there, and muzzle him if any children were out.
  • We could not control him at the vet. He would not obey anything we said. It got so bad, he almost attacked a small dog; and from that point on we always muzzled him when we took him to the vet. They always put us in a side room away from all the other dogs; but it was a nightmare just getting him to that room. 
Pixie before Matty:

Lab mix, approx. 3 yrs old. We got her from the shelter. She had been there 2 weeks. No history before that. We got her when she was approx. 1 year old; have had her over 2 ½ years.
  • Main issue was pulling ahead. She pulled so hard, I could not walk her; only Bruce could. She almost strangled herself with a regular collar, so switched to a gentle leader, but still pulled so hard.
  • Fence aggression toward neighbor dogs
All of us (dogs and family) now:

We can walk, and both dogs stay by our sides! My back has not gone out since we started working with Matty! We used to be SO stressed before taking a walk, and now, we all look forward to it! Dogs obey commands to sit, stay, down. Five times on walks Owen has had dogs run up to him and he has not reacted aggressively, and he has obeyed commands to leave the other dog alone.

Dogs behave at the front door. They do not go out until they are in a calm state, and sit at the door until told to go out.

It is great!

Tango & Kimba


Uncle Matty entered our lives April 2016. I had adopted 2 special needs dogs. 

The first was a 50 pound terrier mix who grew up on the streets and spent months at Homeward Bound. Homeward Bound is an amazing Golden Retriever rescue center. The kind people at HB took in Tango after people found/dropped him off, saying he was a golden doodle. Months went by and people came to Homeward Bound adopting Golden Retrievers daily. Tango was not adopted for months (as people typically sought out HB for a Golden Retriever). As soon as I met Tango, I fell in love with him. I promised Tango that, although I could not change the past which left him so fearful of the world, I would make certain he would be safe and happy for the remainder of his life.

When I met Tango he was adorable and extremely frightened of most everything. Luckily, Tango imprinted on me and soon felt safe with me. Tango, however, continued  to feel unsafe around other people and dogs. Tango would run and hide whenever in the vicinity of people or animals. He was often trembling. Prior to meeting Uncle Matty, Tango remained this way. 

Then I adopted Kimba, a sweet, regal, loving 120 lbs. English Mastiff. Unlike Tango, Kimba loved dogs, but Kimba was unbelievably afraid of most everything else, including people. When I tried to take Kimba for walks, she would bolt and run at most anything (trash can, car, Holiday decoration, etc). She was physically strong and could easily break free of any leash or harness i had. So Kimba would bolt and run. I would follow her. She would run, never stopping within my reach for at least an hour, until she would let me take her home.

Along with her fear was the concerning behavior that Kimba would bark at people. Although never ever physically aggressive, being 120 lbs. with a ferocious bark, Kimba would intimidate people. She would bark at people relentlessly. And she would bark at my neighbor in this way, until he was unable to peacefully spend time in the backyard. My neighbor is a very kind person, so when he told me that I needed to address this problem, I understood. Uncle Matty had helped my neighbor's pup with some significant behavioral concerns. My neighbor recommended I call Uncle Matty.

And so I did.  

I called Uncle Matty on a weekend afternoon. Uncle Matty was immediately available and interviewed me re: my concerns, as well as my commitment to address these concerns. Even via our telephone conversation, it was clear that Uncle Matty had the knowledge and expertise to help me and my pups.

It was also clear that he expected me dedication to be available and wholeheartedly willing to learn how to help my pups. Uncle Matty arrived at my home approximately one hour later. And this is where the magic started. For the next half hour, my Kimba was like a wild horse, bucking and pulling. Uncle Matty had an 100 foot leash and gently moved here around in a circular fashion, in ever smaller circles, until she was circling very near him. Then she was sitting next to him with a calm peaceful demeanor.
Starting that day, Uncle Matty's talents and gifts with dogs helped my Kimba learn to start trusting people. He helped her learn, not simple to obey commands, but to feel safe and secure in our world.
Every skill that Matty taught Kimba transferred directly into my ability to help her feel comfortable with that task or skill. For example, my Kimba was too frightened to get into the car for our veterinary appointment. I called Matty for guidance. Matty came over, and within 10 minutes Kimba was comfortable hopping into the back seat. I was of course in awe and asked how I would be able to teach that to Kimba. Matty advised she would now readily into the car if I offered this. He suggested I try it out. So I brought Kimba out to my car, opened the back door, and sure enough, Kimba easily and calmly jumped in the back seat and settled in. 

And so it was with the many other area Matty helped us with. As Kimba's fears subsided, so did her barking. She still barks, however, no longer relentlessly as she is less fearful of the world. She now loves going for walks and car rides and to new places. Kimba is so much more comfortable and happier overall.
And, Tango, oh my goodness. Tango adores Uncle Matty and wags his whole body in joy when with Uncle Matty. Tango now feels safe, secure and happy with me, Uncle Matty, AND TO MY JOYFUL SURPRISE, EVEN WITH OTHER PEOPLE! EVEN NOW WITH SOME DOGS!
Uncle Matty's approach focuses on a bonding, loving training experience. My dogs learned to feel safe in a world in which they never previously had felt safe. My dogs learned that responding to direction offered the rewards of affection and praise. They did not feel fear during training, but rather the joy of positive affirmation. My pups are happier, more self confident, and enjoying life so much more thanks to Matty's training methods. 

Also, this is because of Matty's positive influence on the people with whom he works. The key is to listen to what Matty tells you to watch, learn and do. If you do that, then some of his magic becomes yours and your pups will happier members of your family.

There is a reason that Matty had a successful television show and was the pup trainer of so many famous people ( including Cher, Madonna, Dudley Moore, Darryl Hannah, Victoria Principle, etc). Matty helps US provide our loving dogs safe and happy lives. We are fortunate to have such a gifted trainer of dog lovers and our dogs in the Sacramento area. I feel honored to have the opportunity to know and work with Matty.



We decided after having many Golden Retrievers in our lives, and loving them dearly, that would take a different direction in the choice of our new puppy. we decided on an Australian Shepherd. Wow, we were in for a surprise! As adorable as can be, sweet and smart, it did not take long to see we had a “high energy” pup. We new that getting help to train our pup was the best thing we could do as we have kids, Grandkids and Great Grandparents around us all the time. We just had to decide which training technique and who was going to do it. We had heard about “Uncle Matty” for years, and decided to check him out, as opposed to puppy training lessons in the numerous facilities around. Thank goodness we did.

We had our initial meeting with Uncle Matty, and knew immediately he was the one we wanted guiding and training both our new pup and us! He took immediate control in such a gentle manner. He states he works with “Love and affection” and it is so true. He explained dogs in a way we never heard before or thought of. It was like your children, safety and loving affection at all times. We were on our way.

First lesson Quigley was a typical pup, all over the place, pretty jumpy and crazy. We learned about his personality along the way too. Methods of training were consistent and logical. He worked with us at our home, then to the outside “real” world and busy places, as Quigley grew . He works with training over a long period of time which proved to be so beneficial. As Quigley grew up, he had new behaviors that would come up, and he handled it all. Quigley LOVES Uncle Matty and we are so thankful we chose him.
Quigley is now almost 1 year old, and is such a well behaved boy who enjoys his life as we enjoy having him part of our family. I cannot imagine not training, teaching and nurturing your dog as we do all members of our families. We would refer Uncle Matty to anyone!
– Bernard and Pamela Miramon... Quigley too!
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