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What are the advantages of Do-It-Yourself Training? You and your dog learn a lot about each other and what a great way to bond with your dog. You both learn to communicate and understand each other, and develop that special relationship -- you know, the one where a dog and his owner seem to read each others minds and have that mutual respect.

Can children get involved? Training a dog is a wonderful family project. If there are children in the house, training the dog with your supervision may be one of the requirements for getting a dog. Training is a great project for Scouting, 4H and other group activities. A child as young as seven can effectively work with a dog providing the right books and videos are used and there is some adult supervision. Older children may be very succcessful on their own if they follow Uncle Matty's prescribed program. The Ultimate Dog Training Kit II or the Mighty Mini Dog Training Kit are recommended.

What are the disadvantages? You miss the expertise of a highly trained professional who can usually obtain wonderful results in less time. A trained professional would no doubt be better able to help solve the problems that are inherent with most untrained dogs. Your present work schedule may be all consuming and you do not have enough time to assume the entire responsibility yourself. You may be dealing with the first dog in your life and you would feel more comfortable if you and your dog could work with a professional -- so you can both learn together.

Can you make a commitment and stick to it? If you are going to train your own dog and be successful at it, you need to have a chat with your pooch and agree that you will spend fifteen to twenty minutes a day in training . . . give or take a few, depending on the personality of your dog. On-again, off-again training won't work. Both you and your dog need consistent work outs. The process may take six to ten weeks, but its worth it!

Do you have the patience to keep at it without losing it? Dogs love to learn. In fact, they are happier when they understand you and that's the biggest bonus in proper training -- communication. But in order to successfully communicate you need to have a little patience. Some dogs learn more quickly than others. You just need to keep at the first command until he "gets it" and then add the second command and so on. Uncle Matty's success secrets are based on love, praise and affection. You can't lose your patience and be successful.

So what's the best way to start? You need the right program --- one that teaches both you and your dog. Uncle Matty provides a variety of useful material like his train-along videos, and necessary tools like his exclusive thumb-loop leash. To make it easy for you, Uncle Matty has put his training secrets in a Basic Training Video Set and in a variety of popular books about dogs and dog behavior. 

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These are the same techniques he uses on his successful PBS series, "WOOF! It's a Dog's Life," which also runs on The Animal Planet in Europe. Using these same methods, Uncle Matty and his staff have successfully trained more than 30,000 dogs. For your convenience, you'll find all these items right here at Uncle Matty's Place in The General Store. For a paw-by-paw program, look for the Basic Training Video that comes with a bonus problem solving video in the VIDEOS section. You should also take a look at The Ultimate Dog Training Kit which includes the videos, leash and everything you need to successfully train your dog with love, praise and affection. (Except a training collar which must be selected 3" longer than the neck measurement of your dog.)

Uncle Matty