Denise T.

“This guy is so good with dogs! After he left the first time, my dog actually picked up her favorite toy and went to every gate crying for him ( she wanted to run away from home with him). Then she went to her "den" she had dug in the middle of this huge jade plant and laying there just looking all sad.  Aside from that, he took control, of her within minutes, she is heeling on leash, sitting, staying and is so eager to please, and even obeys well off-leash and got her first bath with the least resistance ever, yay!! I just used it daily after work. I'm getting her crate to get her used to the cats and he is worth every single dime I spent. My dog loves him and so do I. He's a great trainer!"


Laura L.

“Uncle Matty is worth EVERY penny I paid.  His fees may be higher than most but you get what you pay for.

I adopted a dog from a local shelter & was having a very difficult time.  He was 3 years old, not house-trained, jumped up, was mouthy & would not stop pestering my 13-year-old dog.  In one visit to my home Uncle Matty's training drastically improved my dog's behavior.  There was easily a 90% improvement in one session.  It was amazing.  At the end of this session, I was able to pet my new dog without him pulling at my shirt or mouthing my arm.  I knew he was a good dog, I just could not figure out how to train him out of his anxious, stressed-out behavior.

After several sessions at my home, we continued our training at McKinley Park & the Fountains at Roseville.  It was so helpful to train him in places with distractions.  My dog learned how to behave regardless of what was going on around him.

With Uncle Matty's help, my dog is now the great dog I knew he was when I adopted him.  He volunteers as a Humane Education dog at one of the local shelters & is working towards becoming a therapy dog.  Mostly, he is a wonderful, well-balanced, well-behaved member of my family.  My friends welcome him to their homes and are so impressed with how much Uncle Matty's training improved his behavior.  All of this was made possible from the time and money I invested in Uncle Matty's training.

Uncle Matty's approach with me was honest & direct.  It was not easy to hear about all the things I was doing wrong.  Yes, me not the new dog.  His direct feedback was key to our success.  

I highly recommend Uncle Matty's training”

Buddy & Big Boomer


A little slow in writing this but just wanted to say thank you for our wonderful dogs. 


Not only did you train our dogs but you also picked them out and brought them to us. 


Buddy was an 8 week bundle of fluff when you brought him to our home and I cannot thank you enough for picking him out and training him. 


He is now my sons (multiple special needs) service dog and has been such a help. He goes everywhere with us and helps Jesse so much. Again thank you!!! 


Then there is Big Boomer the 20 pound (now 200 pound) English mastiff pup you not only pick out and trained but is a wonderful addition to our family. Truly a gentle giant with my four children all with special needs. 


I had tried a couple of different trainers before with our previous dogs, they used constant treats to get them to do what they wanted. Paid a lot of money with very few results (unless had a treat in my hand). 


When I called you and you came to train the same previous dogs what a difference!!! The same dogs had a complete turn around and became very well behaved. I only wished I had found you first and not wasted all that money. Thank you so much!!!!

Riff Raff

Michelle K. Steiner

I am writing today to express our sincere gratitude for your training services for our Great Dane, Riff Raff. When we contacted you earlier this year, Riff was a little over a year old and one of the sweetest dogs you would ever meet. Until he wasn’t… 


Riff came to live with us when he was seven weeks old. When he was little, he would growl and scowl when we tried to move him off of the couch. We thought it was cute and were not concerned; we did not understand at the time that he was exhibiting territorial aggression. As he continued to settle into our home (which has 3 children ages 13 and under and a 5 year old Husky), we started to see more signs of aggression that concerned us: fear aggression, object aggression, territorial aggression. We were coping fine until one day when Riff grabbed a loaf of bread off the kitchen counter and went and hid in the laundry room with it. When we got close to him to take it, he growled and wheeled on us. This was quite frightening as by this time, Riff was very large and weighed close to 100 pounds. After much discussion, we decided that he needed an intervention and we needed training to understand how best to interact with Riff and reduce his aggression. If we could not get a handle on the situation, we were afraid we would have to surrender him to a rescue organization. This was the last option we wanted to look at. After two phone calls, we decided to work with you to learn the tricks and techniques to ensure a safe and happy environment for Riff and our family. 


Fast forward a few months, and we are so grateful for what you have taught us. Your one-on-one training with Michael and Riff was exactly what we needed. You explained to us they type of behaviors we were seeing; why Riff was exhibiting those behaviors and exactly what we needed to do to move past them. We have set boundaries for Riff—he is no longer allowed in the kitchen, he has a very large crate that he can retreat to either on his own or when we have company he is not familiar with, he is leash trained and responds to both verbal and non-verbal commands to sit, lay down, heel, etc. The command “leave it” has been invaluable in working with him. Riff understands when we say that, he needs to drop whatever is in his mouth, stop barking, etc. When he is in his crate, he is happy and relaxed, and often just goes to sleep. 


We no longer fear Riff, and he seems to be happier with structure in his life. He is the family dog we were hoping for and we owe this to you. Thank you from all of us for your exceptional training techniques and patience as we learned the best way to interact with Riff to ensure a safe, happy household for all of us.