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Are You Stressed? Dog Doesn't Listen? Is Your House Being Ruined? Housebreaking a Problem? Dog Drags You Down the Street? Neighbors Complaining? Yard a Mess? Arguing with Your Spouse About Your Dog? Dog Growling Over Food? Snarling? Or Worse?


If you are experiencing the doggy crazies, you've found the right place. If your dog is causing "the crazies" at your house, chances are your pooch has not had a proper education. America's favorite dog trainer, Matthew "Uncle Matty" Margolis -- author, syndicated columnist, host of the PBS Series, “Woof! It's a Dog's Life!” and aggressive dog expert, brings his expertise to the Internet. This Uncle Matty's Training Center provides you with vital and useful information about doggy problems and effective non-abusive training for brand new puppies to severely aggressive dogs.

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Solving Your Dog's Problems

How big are your dog's problems?  

Can they really be solved?


Problem-solving is a big part of Uncle Matty's in-home dog training programs. Have you ever said, "My dog is driving me crazy!" or "I'm at my wit's end!" or "I've tried everything and nothing works?" Then you are living with "the crazies" and life at your house is consumed with crisis management.


Perhaps you thought your dog would outgrow his problems or you decided that training wasn't necessary. And now, those little problems have become big, bad habits, not to mention hundreds or probably thousands of dollars in ruined carpet, destroyed furniture and a yard that is the ultimate embarrassment. Some problems are destructive and others are downright dangerous for the dog and for people around your dog.


The most frequent problems plagued by dog owners include:


Housebreaking Chewing Digging Jumping on People Jumping on Furniture Excessive Barking Running Away Separation Anxiety Begging and Stealing Food Leash Pulling Fearful Out of Control - Doesn't Listen Never Trained Growling, Snarling, Snapping and/or Biting.

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Signs of Dog Aggression

Do you know the signs of aggression? Are you ignoring the warnings? Are you living on the edge because of your dog?


IMPORTANT: If your dog is showing signs of aggression, you shouldn’t rule out any medical problems or injuries that may be causing your dog pain. A trip to the veterinarian is a good idea.


A dog is a member of your family. He or she is your friend, companion, buddy and pal. You can only hope to bring as much comfort and joy to your pet as your pet brings to you. It is no wonder that many dog owners, when faced with an aggressive dog, wish that the unacceptable behavior would simply disappear.


So, they ignore the problem, pretend it doesn’t exist and avoid it. They insist, "He'll grow out of it!" Or they think, "Our dog loves us and wouldn't hurt a member of the family." Or they say, "He isn't aggressive all the time." Hello! Think about it. If dog owners didn't ignore the problem, people wouldn't be living with these aggressive nightmares. Children wouldn't be maimed for life. There would be no deaths from dogs. Insurance companies wouldn't be denying homeowners and renters the liability coverage they so desperately need. And certain breeds of dogs would not be discriminated against.


Aggression is not a breed problem.

It exists in every breed, just as loving, wonderful dogs exist in every breed.


Signs of Dog Aggression, Include:

  • Growling 

  • Biting

  • Snarling/Lip Curling 

  • Mounting People 

  • Lunging 

  • Snapping 

  • Blocking Your Path 

  • Barking 

Some signs are blatant, others can be subtle. Call Uncle Matty at 1-800-670-9663 for help with aggressive behavior.


"I've been working with dogs and their owners for more than 40 years," says Uncle Matty, "and denial is everywhere." In many cases, owners of aggressive dogs just don't get it. They see their dog as another person and they try to people-reason with their dog saying things like, 'Oh, Benny, don't growl at daddy!' But a dog is an animal with animal instincts that are not the same as human reactions.


Other owners may understand the issue of aggression exists, but do nothing to address the problem. They just cross their fingers and hope the dog will outgrow the behavior. They play canine roulette and often get downright defensive when someone says the dog is aggressive. There are some owners who know the risks and dangers associated with bad behavior and take responsibility by taking proactive steps to modify or control the problem. I hope you are one of them.

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